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Sigma Trust

Sigma was formally established in September 2016 and now consists of 8 secondary schools and 4 primary schools.

In terms of the number of secondary schools, we are one of the largest academy trusts in the East of England region.  It is also fairly unique in having so many schools in such close proximity to each other.  The benefits of this are significant as it allows extensive joint working to take place and provides huge opportunities for staff and students alike.  

The five original secondary schools (Clacton County High School, Harwich and Dovercourt High School, St Helena School, Stanway School and Thomas Lord Audley School) within The Sigma Trust all became academies in 2012 as part of the North East Essex Education Partnership (NEEEP).   This was a company limited by guarantee and thus effectively operated as an umbrella trust. All of the partner schools therefore have a strong tradition of working collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for all students in their academies.

Soon after NEEEP was created, there was a desire to extend the partnership to incorporate primary partners. Changes to academy rules meant that this was only possible by establishing separate multi-academy trusts.  Two of the secondary schools formed a MAT with the two primary schools in 2014, and one of the other secondary schools became an approved sponsor in 2015.  Later that year a decision was taken to simplify this model by creating one single multi-academy trust and, hence, The Sigma Trust was born.

All schools are geographically close enough to provide the necessary support and challenge to take all academies to the next level. We have a set of shared values and a common mission and vision that aims to ensure that no child is left behind.  No academy is seen as the “lead” school, and we believe that every school should be a giver as well as a receiver of support.  All academies within the Trust retain their cultural autonomy, but we work together to ensure that best practice becomes shared practice.

Sigma is not looking to work in isolation and will continue to collaborate with others to enhance the educational experience of children in the community.  In so doing Sigma aims to become a centre of educational excellence and innovation within the area.

Sigma's aspiration for growth is to develop our primary phase and become the MAT of choice for maintained schools and standalone academies in the area.  Sigma is not looking to work outside of the North East Essex area, but has the capacity to provide additional support as required to other MATs in the area and is committed to developing its already outstanding team of staff.

To access the policies/legal documents that apply to all schools within the Sigma Trust please click on this link where you will be directed to The Sigma Trust website ( Here you will be able to access:

  • The Annual Report and Accounts for The Sigma Trust

  • Articles of Association

  • The Funding Agreements

  • The Scheme of Delegation

  • The Terms of Reference for all Committees

  • The Governance Structure

  • Details of the Members and Trustees

To view information on Members and Trustees, including terms of office; attendance and register of business interests, please click here

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