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Teaching and Learning

There are five lessons of 60 minutes each day.  Students are taught in ability sets in English, Maths, Science, Modern Languages and Humanities. Setting reviews are built into the school calendar and take place at regular intervals.  During Year 8 students will be able to decide their option subjects that will start in Year 10.

Learning Profile

At regular intervals, the development shown in class is assessed using a Learning Profile.   This accounts for students attitude to work in lesson, focusing on how well prepared students are for lessons, the responsibility they show for their own learning and how they embrace Growth Mindset.

Click here for the criteria used for Learning Profiles.

Homework Profile

At regular intervals, the homework for each subject is assessed using a Homework Profile.  This accounts for the quality and regular submission of the homework set in each subject.


Click here for the criteria used for Homework Profiles.

Growth Mindset

At Thomas Lord Audley School we believe that demonstrating a positive attitude to learning will help students to develop and be more accomplished with their learning.  In order to help develop learning attitudes, a focus on Growth Mindset has been adopted.  

Growth Mindset is term coined by psychologist Carol Dweck and her research has identified the characteristics of learners with a fixed and a growth mindset.  At Thomas Lord Audley School we have identified 7 key attributes that will help students to achieve a successful growth mindset towards their learning in and out of the classroom.


These include:

  • Independence: Being autonomous with attitudes to learning.

  • Resilience: Working without giving up in the face of challenge.

  • Reflection: Being able to look back at the work completed and make improvement.

  • Challenge: Attempting a task a higher level.

  • Engagement: Focusing on the tasks at hand over a period of time.

  • Collaboration: Working successfully with others.



Students demonstrating positive attitudes to learning and growth mindset can earn rewards by collecting stars.

Stars are awarded for hard work, attendance and participation in school activities.  Students earning enough stars for bronze, silver and gold will be awarded a certificate and pin badge.  Those achieving the platinum award will achieve a certificate and platinum tie.

Students who collect enough stars in each individual element of growth mindset over the year will achieve a certificate and pin badge in each of the relevant areas.

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