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Please note that the start time for morning examinations is 9.00 am with afternoon examinations starting at 1.30 pm. However, on a few occasions it may be necessary to change the start time of an examination if there is a timetable clash. Students affected by this will be notified beforehand.  It is the student’s responsibility to be ready to enter the examination room at least 15 minutes before the start time.  Students will not be allowed to leave the examination room early so unfortunately, in some cases, students will have to make their own alternative arrangements to get home if they are sitting an afternoon paper.

If a student is unable to sit an examination on medical grounds, this must be confirmed by a medical certificate obtained from his/her doctor on the day of the examination.  Failure to attend an examination for any other reason will result in the school issuing an invoice for the costs incurred.  Equally, the school has a responsibility to make sure all students are aware of the JCQ regulations that govern all GCSE examinations and copies of these were enclosed with their examination timetable. Please ensure these are read before the first examination.

Students will need to be in full school uniform and bring with them the clear pencil case with black pen, pencil, ruler, highlighter and eraser which the school has provided for them. Calculators and mathematical equipment should be brought in when required. Mobile phones or any other electrical equipment are not allowed into the examination room. Students who fail to abide by this rule have to be reported to the examination board and will receive 0 marks for the paper being sat. Further infringements may well result in the student being banned from sitting subsequent examinations with that examination board.

Examination Statement for Students here