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Policies & Notices

Please click on the relevant policy you wish to view.  If a policy is not available online, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accessibility Policy

Admission Policy 2023/24

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

British Values and Extremism Statement

Careers Education, Advice and Guidance Policy 

Charging and Remission Policy

Child Protection Policy

CCTV and Surveillance Policy

Complaints Policy

Controlled Assessment Policy

EAL Policy

Equality Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Equality & Diversity in Employment Policy

E-Safety Policy

Examinations Policy

First Aid Policy

Flexible Working Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

GDPR Privacy Notice for students & their families

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Lettings Policy

Literacy Policy

Photography and Videos at School Policy

Provider Access Policy

PSHE Policy

Recruitment Policy

Relocation and Expenses Policy

Remote Learning Policy

Relationships and Sexual Education Policy

Special Educational Needs (SEN) - Information Report

Suspensions and Exclusion Policy

To access the policies/legal documents that apply to all schools within the Sigma Trust please click on the link below where you will directed to The Sigma Trust website,  here you will also be able to access:


  • The Annual Report and Accounts for The Sigma Trust

  • The Funding Agreements

  • The Terms of Reference for all Committees

  • Details of the Members and Trustees

  • Articles of Association

  • The Scheme of Delegation

  • The Governance Structure

Click here for the SIGMA Trust policies for all schools 

Click here for the SIGMA Trust home page


Please click on the relevant notice you wish to view:

SIGMA Trust Staff Privacy Notice​

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