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Music Lessons

TLA is able to offer students with an interest in Music instrumental lessons with a specialist Music teacher from Essex Music Services. 

These lessons are on a one to one basis and take place during the school day and last for 15 minutes each week. (You can, of course, double the payment for 30 minute lessons.)

If you would like your child to learn to play an instrument at school then please fill in the online form here.

The current price for lessons is £79 for 10 lessons.

OR if you are in receipt of Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, or Working Tax/Child Tax Credit then you can apply for tuition vouchers. You will need to do this online through the Essex Music Services website:

The cost for these reduced price lessons is £27. Please note that if you currently have a voucher then you will need to re-apply for April 2022.

Additionally, you must also now register that your child wishes to have lessons through Essex Music Services online. You only need to do this once and it is a quick and simple process. This enables Essex Music Services and schools to work effectively together to allocate students to the teachers that visit the schools.


Please register your child at:

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