Listed below are the details of our Governing Board, which is is made up of the community, parent and staff (TLA & Stanway) governors. 

Chair of Governors:
Mr Stephen Whitfield


Mrs Elaine Boekhoudt

Cllr Dave Harris

Mr Richard Martin

Mr Brian Palmer

Mr John Sanders

Mr John Spademan

Mrs Clancy Tassell

Mr Stephen Wyatt

Staff Governors:

Mr Jonathan Bland (Stanway)

Ms Helena Boast (TLA)

Ms Kerry Newton (TLA)

Clerk to the Governors:

Mrs Sharon Burns


Governor Meetings 2019/2020:

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Register of Business Interests for Governors 2019-2020:

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Register of Business Interests for Governors 2018-2019

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Membership Attendance and Terms of Office 2019-2020

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Membership Attendance and Terms of Office 20118-2019

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Sigma Trust Scheme of Delegation:

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