Please find our gallery dedicated to the amazing work that our students have created over the past few weeks. The gallery is updated daily, other outstanding work, can be found towards the bottom of the page.

Outstanding Work:

Boat Project in Science by Billy Craven 8N-CF: Click here 

Music Project: 

Students in Year 7 and 8 have been set work using an online music program called VIP which teaches them how to make a beat.  Esme's is particularly good as she has learnt how to do a beat, created a new section and returned to her original section creating a ternary form (ABA) piece of music.  She has written her own rap and recorded herself rapping over the top.  Esme is in 7x1 for music

Science: Advances in Material Science on Boat Design

Fergus Trew has created and narrated a stunning video on the advances in boat design.

Independent Projects:

This is the video is produced by Lily Emberson. The task was to deliver something creative linked to the prologue from Romeo and Juliet.

Esme Appleyard 7D-EH demonstrating how practise makes perfect, while staying active with this amazing shot!

Lily Emberson 8D-AA Singing Baby One More Time on the ukulele

Charlotte Williamson 10-VB has taught herself movie making over this period.

Ciara Nowell 7D-EH - Completing the PE fitness challenge.

Ella Hinson 7N-PM - Demonstrating her amazing dance skills for an online dance competition

Sophie Moye 7N-PM - Playing Merry Christmas on the Piano

Aimée Wass 8N-CF - Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen Cover

Millie Berry 9D-CN - Perfect - Pink Cover

PerfectMillie Berry
00:00 / 03:26

Eleanor Wright 7A-TC - Riptide - Vance Joy Cover

Fergus Trew 8N-CF - Body Percussion

Fergus Trew 8N-CF - Geography News Report

Leyton Horne 7A-TC - Has setup his own YouTube channel

Esme Appleyard 7D-EH

In Drama we have been studying a play called Ernie's Incredible Illucinations a play about a boy whose daydreams come to life...

The task this week was to come up with their own Illucination for Ernie.

Year 7s were asked to recreate the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet - this could have been adapting it into a more modern setting.  I loved how she adapted the scene to suit the story which she wanted to tell, whilst including the main elements of the scene. I loved her creativity with her legos - the set designs are just beautiful. 

Freya Clout 7N-PM has been working out how to play the Kalimba and composed her own tune for her music assignment.

Shulammite Agyen 7A-TC - PE Lesson warm up.

Esme Appleyard 7D-EH - Esme sent five videos showing her resilience in the skill keepy ups challenge and fitness workout.

Ciara Nowell - 7X PE -Keepy Ups Challenge - Successfully keeping the ball up 112 times! Good skill and resilience.

Erin McCarthy singing and playing piano 'How Far I'll Go' in preparation for her singing exam

Poppy Sprake has sent two videos, evidence of her workout this week and the keepy ups challenge too.

Lesly Nouhata 7A-TC - taking on the Cupid Challenge.

Tunwa Nilaphan 7A-NC - taking on the Cupid Challenge.

Brooke Parlette 7D-SH - Keeping fit and enjoying the workouts during this time.

Rostum Omar 7A-TC - got a ukulele after we were learning in class just before the school closed.  He has been practising hard every week and taught himself this song.

Tia and Lucia Fowles keeping active challenge

8X1 - John Smart - Performing a guitar solo.

8D-BI -  Students have been asked to produce a presentation based on an individual they feel should be recognised.
This is Keira Burnetts response.

Esme Appleyard 7D-EH - Completing the Standing Stork Test and showing that she is resilient!  Could you try this test at home?

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